Our records show that in 1894 Rev. Ruccius conducted services in homes and school houses. Then on Nov. 15, 1898 about three dozen families met to draft a constitution, the first congregation was organized, including the Grass River area together with Maitland and Tupper districts, and later on Plumas and Amaranth.

   Student Victor Henning was the first resident pastor. After completing his education he returned to us as Rev. Henning and stayed till Nov. 1902.

   On January 9, 1899 it was decided that a church would be built on the north side of the Grass River on NW-21-18-12W and was known as the  Church at the Grass River. Five acres of land was donated by Jacob Oswald. Materials were obtained for a 20x40 church, a barn and manse, all for the final price of $650.00.  Besides Sunday services, Bible classes were held every Wednesday at 5: p.m. In those days it was customary for the ladies and children to sit on the right side of the church for services with the men seated on the left. It was a persistent tradition that lasted through many decades.

   In April 1942, a building committee was appointed for a new church, final building plans were made and work commenced in the spring of 1944. A magnificent edifice 68x36 feet with a seating capacity of 375 was erected. It was the largest rural Protestant Church in Manitoba. It was debt-free at dedication on July 22, 1945.

   On July 5, 1926 the congregation joined the Ohio Synod and sent the first delegate to a convention. Then in October 1930 membership was withdrawn from the Ohio Synod. On July 1, 1946 we joined the ALC and stayed with them till 1986 when we changed to the ELCIC and now are presently under the MNO Synod.

   It wasn't till Waldersee had a post-office and had to have a name for that purpose that we became known as Christ Lutheran Waldersee.

Gospel message has been declared and taught to over eight generations of people here at Christ.

                                                           ~The Lord be with you.~

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